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Elephant Seals Took Over a Beach During the Shutdown and They’re Not Giving it Back

Just keep it.
Sarah Emerson
proposition c

San Francisco Votes for 'Homeless Tax' That Twitter's CEO and Other Tech Companies Tried to Block

The city's controversial Proposition C, which would tax technology companies to fund homeless services, passed on Tuesday.
Sarah Emerson

A Bomb Squad Blew Up a University Student Science Project

Encased in Styrofoam, the ozone-measuring instrument landed on Redwood Road in Castro Valley.
Becky Ferreira

San Francisco Police Refused to Help Ubisoft With 'Watch Dogs 2'

Freedom of Information Act request reveals insights into how Ubisoft created its memorable open-world game.
Leif Johnson

Steve Wozniak Was My Computer Teacher in 1995

The Apple co-founder spent his own money, and more importantly, lots of his own time, showing us public school kids how to use the early internet.
Madeline Moitozo
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San Francisco Climate Tax Raises Questions About Tech’s Carbon Footprint

Residents wonder whether Silicon Valley’s tech giants are paying their fair share to save the local environment.
Sarah Emerson

This Man Is Crowdfunding a 300-Mile Wall to Keep San Francisco Burning Man-Free

A fake crowdfunding site seeks to build the wall while the Bay Area’s worst techbros are doing peyote in Nevada.
Adam Owen
Motherboard Blog

Book Armageddon Is a Myth: Robin Sloan Loves Screens, Libraries, and Looking Back from the Future

Talking to the "media inventor" about content, containers, and things that are not on the Internet.
Lex Berko