Uber Fails

This Is Uber’s Terrible Response When Someone Steals Your Ride

When this rider asked for a refund for a ride stolen out from under her, Uber initially declined, saying: 'we will likely not see eye-to-eye.'
Samantha Cole
Watch Out For Those Shells

Watch This Dude Play Mario Kart Using His Car as a Controller

A clever tinkerer hacked the Chevy Volt into a life-sized Nintendo 64 emulator.
Samantha Cole

You Should Be Able to Use Tesla's Self-Driving Mode to Make Money

The company prohibits using self-driving mode for 'revenue purposes' outside its forthcoming network. But legal precedents support overriding this restriction.
Corin Faife

The True Cost of Your Uber Ride Is Much Higher Than You Think

Investor reports reveal riders only pay 41 percent of the full cost of each ride, with investors footing the remaining 59 percent.
Samantha Cole

The Little-Known Capitalist History of the Highway Map

Since the early 1900s, road maps have been designed to advance capitalism, influencing where and how people travel.
Jeff Allen

The Most Efficient Fleet of Cars in US History Is Still Embarrassingly Dirty

The average new car sold in America isn't much more efficient than a Model T.
Brian Merchant

Why Massive Auto Recalls Are Becoming the Norm

Somewhat paradoxically, cars are now more complex and use more of the same parts.
Derek Mead
Motherboard Blog

How Counterfeit Plastic Led to Aston Martin Recalling 17,590 Cars

That amounts to around 75 percent of its cars manufactured since 2007.
Derek Mead
Motherboard Blog

Why Mileage Taxes Are a Bad Idea (And Why They'll Succeed Anyway)

A growing contingent of politicians are buying into the mileage tax idea.
Derek Mead
Motherboard Blog

In Seven Years, Seven Percent of Cars Sold Worldwide Will Be Electric

Oddly enough, that will mean seven million electric cars moved each year.
Brian Merchant
Motherboard Blog

This Compact Solar-Powered Car Turns Into a Tiny Power Plant

It can run 20 kilometers, or just over 12 miles, on solar panels installed on the car's body alone.
Brian Merchant