Augmented Reality


Molli's Oggles

She’s always got her Oggles on anyway. You know how kids are.
Rich Larson
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How Augmented Reality Will Project A New World Onto Our Windshields

Will bringing more digital information to our displays make driving safer, or make us even more distracted?
Theo Gibson
Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality App Can Translate Sign Language Into Spoken English, and Vice Versa

Students at New York University have created a working prototype of an app that uses machine learning and augmented reality to enable hearing people to understand sign language, and turns spoken words into sign language for the deaf.
Kaleigh Rogers
Augmented Reality

Technologists Use Augmented Reality to Return Stolen Artwork

Thieves stole over $500 million worth of art from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum 28 years ago. Now, technologists are using Apple’s ARKit to bring the paintings back.
Mack DeGeurin
uber self-driving cars

Uber Wants to Fill the Boredom of Self-Driving Cars With VR

The company aims to patent virtual reality technology that lets you jack in while on the road.
Sarah Emerson
Augmented Reality

Internet Artists Invaded the MoMA With a Guerrilla Augmented Reality Exhibit

"Hello, we're from the internet" is an art project that took over the MoMA's Jackson Pollock room without permission.
Mack DeGeurin

Cue Up the 'Pulp Fiction' Dance Scene: This App 3D Projects 2D Movies in Your Living Room

Volume is a new experimental project from artists Or Fleisher and Shirin Anlen.
Kaleigh Rogers
Outer Limits

Inside Antarctica's Illicit Gaming Scene

People are going to great lengths to play mobile augmented-reality game 'Ingress' on Earth’s frozen, southernmost continent.
Caroline Haskins
Outer Limits

Engineers Want Gamers to Explore the Moon with a Remote-Controlled Nanobot

Why go outside when you can visit the Moon from your bedroom?
Jacob Dubé
Way-Wayback Machine

Stare Into the Vacant Eyes of Some Tweens Who Lived 30,000 Years Ago

Nice mammoth-bone beadwork, Sungir folks.
Becky Ferreira
Augmented Reality

‘Holo’ Is a Dumb New Augmented Reality App That You Should Get

Keep technology stupid.
Jordan Pearson
Glass Half Full

We Asked Early Adopters of Google Glass If They're Excited About Version 2.0

After version one inspired a wave of panic about "Glassholes" and was discontinued, Google's parent company Alphabet is trying again—this time, in the workplace.
Carl Franzen