Space-Faring Mice Return to Earth with Liver Damage

A new concern for future Mars missions.
Michael Byrne

An Astronaut Describes What It's Like to Come Back to Earth from Space

You may remember Leland Melvin as the astronaut whose NASA portrait includes his two dogs.
Rachel Pick

Here’s How NASA Names the Spacecraft It Hurls Into the Void

Would the Apollo mission have been as sweet by any other name?
Daniel Oberhaus
Motherboard Blog

A Chat with a Deep Web Drug Dealer, Before It All Went South

Shortly before the darknet drug site Atlantis shut down, one user talked about his aspirations as a dealer.
Greg Thomas
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RECENT HISTORY: The Week Guns Moved a Whole Lot Closer to Sentience

Also: water on Mars, true NSA romance, Al Gore doomsaying.
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Atlantis May've Sunk But the Silk Road Is Still Booming

The darknet's drug marketplace apparently wasn't big enough for the both of them.
Brian Anderson
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Stalin Built the World's First Offshore Oil Rig Into an Entire Floating City

Today, Neft Daslari is a crumbling dystopia, a vast series of oil platforms slowly being eaten by the waves of the Caspian Sea. Like all good dystopias, it was once an industrial marvel—a veritable floating oil city, home to 5,000 workers, a movie...
Brian Merchant
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The Last Words Uttered on the Moon

Earlier this morning, Space Shuttle Atlantis touched down at Cape Canaveral, marking the final death knell of America's Space Shuttle Program and 30 years of shooting human beings into outer space. Almost 40 years ago we finished the last chapter in...
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[VIDEO] Atlantis Landing and A Time Lapse Video From Three Shuttle Missions

STS-135, Space Shuttle Atlantis has returned safely to Earth. So concludes the one hundred and thirty-fifth Space Shuttle mission, the final mission of the program.
Motherboard Blog

The Spectacle of the Space Shuttle

The launch of Space Shuttle Atlantis this Friday marks the end of a technological and national era. In the 30 years of NASA's space shuttle program, six orbiters were built, 135 launches occurred, 355 astronauts went for the ride, and 14 never came...
Kurt Poropatich