The Most Unknown

What Baby Stars and Meteorites Can Tell Us About Our Solar System’s Past

Rachel Smith studies the birth of stars to better understand the origins of life on Earth, and perhaps elsewhere in the universe.
Becky Ferreira
The Most Unknown

The Geomicrobiologist Searching for the Origins of Life

Penn State professor and geomicrobiologist-slash-astrobiologist Jenn Macalady is answering how we and other organisms could survive on other planets, by looking deep into Earth’s history.
Samantha Cole

These Dazzling Gemstones Are Home to Microbes

It's the first time traces of life have been found inside these precious jewels.
Becky Ferreira

Signs of Alien Life on Europa Might Only Be Centimeters Under the Surface

Europa is irradiated by Jupiter’s intense magnetosphere, but you don’t have to dig far before life finds a way (theoretically).
Becky Ferreira
Is it aliens

Evidence of Organic Molecules Found in Plumes Ejected From Saturn’s Moon

Carbon-rich molecules were detected in samples collected from Enceladus’ ocean—yet another indicator that it could host microbial life.
Becky Ferreira
team earth

Stop Saying 'Humans Suck' Because of Climate Change, Says Astrobiologist

Adam Frank’s new book Light of the Stars explores how the search for intelligent alien life in the universe can help humans combat climate change on Earth.
Becky Ferreira

Scientists Want to Study Exoplanet Atmospheres for Signs of Alien Life

Instead of looking at individual biosignatures, a new dynamic framework suggests that studying atmospheric seasons may be the key for detecting alien life on exoplanets.
Daniel Oberhaus

Under the Sun

One of the world's leading climate scientists has written a work of fiction about his latest blockbuster paper—on the possibility that intelligent life may have preceded humans on Earth.
Gavin Schmidt

A New Study Suggests There Could Have Been Intelligent Life on Earth Before Humans

Looking for aliens across deep space is great, but have we looked hard enough in our own terrestrial backyard—here on Earth?
Becky Ferreira
Venus or Bust!

Researchers Think There Could Be Alien Life Floating in the Clouds of Venus

Yet another reason to get going on those Venusian cloud cities.
Daniel Oberhaus
Pass the Salt

These Stunning Blue Alien Crystals Contain Water and Organic Molecules

Asteroids have been spitballing life juice at each other for billions of years, and we have the receipts.
Becky Ferreira
Life on Other Worlds

Compound Associated With Life Found in Two Very Different Locations in Space

Why that's actually not good news for astrobiologists looking for extraterrestrial life.
Becky Ferreira