Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Stanford Researchers Trained a Neural Network to Make These Memes

The model was trained on hundreds of memes in the “advice animal” style of text and image then tasked with producing its own captions.
Kaleigh Rogers
Artificial Intelligence

We Asked MIT Researchers Why They Made a ‘Psychotic AI' That Only Sees Death

People have begun writing letters directly to the AI, pleading with it to seek a more positive outlook on life.
Jason Koebler
sampling errors

If Rich People Are the Variables in ‘Westworld,’ No Wonder the Experiment Sucks

Scientists have warned that disproportionate sampling of wealthy people impacts research results. Delos Incorporated didn’t get the memo.
Becky Ferreira

Watch This Hilarious Bitcoin Explainer Generated by an AI

Botnik strikes again with a short Bitcoin explainer made by a predictive text AI that was trained on other Bitcoin explainers.
Daniel Oberhaus
talk robot to me

How to Tell If You’re Talking to a Robot

Mundane small talk could unravel an artificially intelligent phone assistant's otherwise-realistic speech patterns.
Samantha Cole
Happy Machines

Explaining Roko's Basilisk, the Thought Experiment That Brought Elon Musk and Grimes Together

Elon Musk turned an old internet thought experiment about killer AI into a pickup line.
Daniel Oberhaus
Artificial Intelligence

The All-Girl Afghan Robotics Team Was Banned from Entering the US. Now It's Inspiring a Revolution

This weekend, the Afghan Dreamers won the Rookie Inspiration Award at the FIRST Robotics World Championship in Detroit.
Virginia Vigliar
early warning systems

Nukes in the Age of AI

A new report from the RAND Corporation explains how artificial intelligence might affect the risk of nuclear war.
Matthew Gault
Selfie Police

Cops Got a Drug Dealer’s Fingerprints From Photos of His Hand on WhatsApp

Yet another reason to forgo taking pictures when you break the law.
Daniel Oberhaus

If AI Thinks Like a Human It May Get Depressed

A neuroscientist considers why a serotonin function in artificial intelligence could be both a help and a hindrance.
Daniel Oberhaus
Motherboard Guide to Cinema

‘Do You Trust This Computer’ Is a Documentary That Taught Me Nothing About AI

I trust artificial intelligence more than the companies that make it. But that’s not what this film is about.
Daniel Oberhaus
Artificial Intelligence

A Startup Media Site Says AI Can Take Bias Out of News

Knowhere is using AI to aggregate news and rewrite it 'impartially.'
Mack DeGeurin