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DHS Can Neither Confirm Nor Deny It Has Records on Deepfakes

As DARPA researchers work on identifying manipulated videos, and lawmakers call for an intelligence community report, the DHS is staying tight-lipped on deepfakes.
Joseph Cox
3 days ago

This Video Game Made by AI Looks Fun as Hell

A computer created 'Killer Bounce' and 'Death Walls' after absorbing hours of video of humans playing classic games.
Matthew Gault
3 days ago

Researchers Developed a New, Even More Convincing Way to Write Fake Yelp Reviews

A new machine learning method keeps AI on track when writing fake reviews.
Samantha Cole
4 days ago

This Algorithm Makes Its Own Video Games

The program watches hours of humans playing classic video games and "learns" their key features in order to generate new games.
Matthew Gault
AI Doing Art

This AI Creates Horrifying Images Based On Your Words

Yay, researchers trained an algorithm to turn your captions into (nightmarish) images.
Sarah Emerson
The Plug

Bias In Maternal AI Could Hurt Expectant Black Mothers

Black women experience worse maternal mortality rates than their white counterparts. Will machine learning make it worse or better?
Omotayo Banjo
science has gone too far

Scientists Invented AI Made From DNA

Researchers made a neural network out of DNA that can recognize handwritten numbers.
Daniel Oberhaus

Google Says Its AI That Makes Phone Calls Isn't Good Enough to Be Dangerous

At a product demonstration, executives did their best to assuage fears about the unsettling new technology.
Kaleigh Rogers
Artificial Intelligence

Nvidia Can Artificially Create Slow Motion That Is Better Than a 300,000 FPS Camera

Nvidia's software and Tesla V100 GPUs generate extra frames to fill in video gaps.
Ian Birnbaum

Facebook Wants to Use AI to Replace Your Eyeballs in Photos Where You Blinked

Researchers at the company are experimenting with AI to retouch your most undignified pictures.
Sarah Emerson
Artificial Intelligence

Stanford Researchers Trained a Neural Network to Make These Memes

The model was trained on hundreds of memes in the “advice animal” style of text and image then tasked with producing its own captions.
Kaleigh Rogers
Artificial Intelligence

We Asked MIT Researchers Why They Made a ‘Psychotic AI' That Only Sees Death

People have begun writing letters directly to the AI, pleading with it to seek a more positive outlook on life.
Jason Koebler