Computer mouse computer

This Guy Made a Computer Mouse That Is Itself a Computer

It doesn’t have the best UI, but it is a pretty creative take on a laptop.
Daniel Oberhaus
Public Domain

How Etsy Sellers and Big Business Make Money on Public Domain Art

Content in the public domain isn’t just legal to download for free. It’s also legal to sell.
Caroline Haskins

The First 2 Seconds of 'Super Mario Bros. 3' Fill Up 3,000 Printed Pages of CPU Operations

Two seconds and 120 frames takes up almost 3,000 pages of paper.
Matthew Gault
Artificial Intelligence

Why Is AI-Generated Music Still so Bad?

Researchers say it’s a lot more complex than it seems on the surface.
Kaleigh Rogers

A Chinese Dissident Artist Is Taking Aim at Google for Censored Search Engine

Badiucao’s new exhibition compares Google's censored search engine for China, codenamed Dragonfly, to Donald Trump's wall.
Jamie Fullerton
Motherboard Guide to Cinema

This ‘Koyaanisqatsi’ Generator Captures Modern Life and the Unbearability of Being a GIF

This generator sources random GIFs to create a 21st century take on the classic film by Godfrey Reggio and Philip Glass about modern life.
Daniel Oberhaus
brain melt

This Stunning Image Made With Pure Code Is Like a Mood Ring For Your Browser

Diana Smith's work is digital art on ultra-hard mode.
Jordan Pearson

The Art of Soldering

The story of solder, the unsung hero of the digital revolution that benefits from a low melting point. It’s what keeps the circuits attached to the silicon.
Ernie Smith

Watch Pixar’s New, Kinda Freaky Animation Technique

“Stable neo-Hookean flesh simulation” makes animated bodies look more real.
Samantha Cole
Augmented Reality

Technologists Use Augmented Reality to Return Stolen Artwork

Thieves stole over $500 million worth of art from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum 28 years ago. Now, technologists are using Apple’s ARKit to bring the paintings back.
Mack DeGeurin
Google Earth

This Trippy Google Earth Animation Shows All the Patterns Humans Make Around the World

Páraic McGloughlin turned man-made patterns into a high-speed kaleidoscope of earth.
Samantha Cole
cow control to major tom

This Farmer Sent a Message to Tesla’s ‘Spaceman’ Using Cows

Derek Klingenberg's “cow art” is a clever mix of math and cattle.
Samantha Cole