future guns

Army Eyes New ‘Ribbon-Gun’ Rifle That Fires Four Rounds at a Time

The L4 is just one of several gun designs the ground-combat branch has considered in recent years as it attempts to replace older weapons.
David Axe

The Military-Industrial Complex Roots of GPS

The evolution of the global positioning system, the greatest non-internet idea to come out of the Space Race, and why the military initially hobbled it.
Ernie Smith
major laser

The US Navy Bought Its First Big Laser Cannon

New, drone-frying weapon could go to sea in 2020.
David Axe
Not a Drill

Russia Is Deploying Anti-Aircraft Missiles to Defend Its Arctic Oil Claims

The surface-to-air system is built for cold and can shoot down cruise missiles in the rapidly warming, potentially oil-rich Far North.
David Axe
All Fronts

The US Army’s Robot Revolution Has Stalled

Following a high-profile screw-up in Iraq a decade ago, the Army has been reluctant to deploy armed ground robots.
David Axe

America Has a Missile Shield Now. But Does It Actually Work?

The 30-year effort to build a defense system against incoming nuclear missiles is complete. Yet the shield is basically still a prototype.
David Axe
All Fronts

The Army's New Tank Fires 'Smart' Cannon Rounds

An unwieldy designation obscures the new fighting vehicle's technological advancements.
David Axe
Out of This Astral Plane

The US Army Funded Astral Projection and Hypnosis Research in the 80s

This is a real-life X-File.
Caroline Haskins
seeing red

China’s Military Is Taking a Powerful Turn

The People's Republic is downsizing the world's largest troop force, while scaling up its ambitions in sea, space, and internet warfare.
David Axe
Doges of War

The Military Wants to Create the Ultimate Good Boy

US Special Forces wants to give doggos performance enhancers for the battlefield.
Ben Sullivan
War Is Boring

The 'Mother of All Bombs' the US Dropped on Afghanistan Is Nasty, But Mostly for Show

It's unclear how much damage the bomb caused to its intended target—an ISIS tunnel complex—but it may not matter.
David Axe
Foreign-Made Goods

We Sent US Soldiers to World War I With Barely Any Gear

How under-equipped American troops adapted to using foreign weapons tech as they entered the Great War.
David Longenbach