Arizona Bill Would Charge Porn Consumers $20 to Fund Trump’s Border Wall

Another version of the “Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation Prevention Act" in Arizona would charge people $20 to remove a porn block from their devices.
Samantha Cole

Geologists Show Tasmania and the Grand Canyon Were Connected on Ancient Supercontinent

Rocks from Arizona’s Unkar Group and Tasmania’s Rocky Cape Group were likely part of the same formation 1.1 billion years ago on the supercontinent Rodinia.
Becky Ferreira

A Booming Black Market Is Putting Many Cacti Species in Danger

Conservation scientists found that 261 out of 1,438 cactus species are unprotected by preserves or conservation regulations, putting them more at risk than mammals and birds.
Becky Ferreira
Autonomous Car Crash

Uber Self-Driving Car Operator Was Watching Hulu When the Car Struck and Killed a Pedestrian

A new police report shows the fatal crash in Tempe, Arizona could have been avoided.
Sarah Emerson

#QANON Conspiracy Theorists Are Hunting for 'Child Sex Camps' in the Arizona Desert

A veteran’s charity in Arizona is hunting pedophiles in Tucson and asking the internet for help.
Matthew Gault
Self-Driving Cars

Tempe Police Release Footage of Fatal Uber Self-Driving Car Accident

Dashboard camera footage of this weekend’s Uber self-driving car accident was released by Tempe police.
Sarah Emerson

Don’t Let the First Pedestrian Death by Uber's Self-Driving Car Freak You Out

A pedestrian in Arizona was killed by a self-driving Uber.
Tracey Lindeman
autonomous cars

Uber Self-Driving Car Kills Arizona Woman, the First Pedestrian Death By Autonomous Car

The death of an Arizona woman hit by an Uber self-driving car marks the first pedestrian fatality by an autonomous vehicle.
Sarah Emerson
Outer Limits

The City of the Future Is Hiding in the Arizona Desert

Paolo Soleri’s radical experiment in urban planning has been running in the middle of the Arizona desert for nearly 50 years.
Daniel Oberhaus
A Guide to the Climate Change Deniers in Congress

Arizona’s Climate Change Deniers

Meet Arizona's climate change deniers.
Motherboard Stuff
the truth is out there

I Went to the International UFO Congress to Learn the Truth About the Phoenix Lights

20 years ago, dozens of people in Phoenix, Arizona experienced something… out of this world.
Daniel Oberhaus

How Tequila Helped Save This Endangered Bat

“This is nothing short of a dream come true. It will help save the bat and tequila at the same time.”
Becky Ferreira