Wii U

The Mission to Archive Nintendo's Dying Social Media Platform

All those 'Splatoon' memes may soon have a new home.
Matthew Gault

Jason Scott Is Archiving CD-ROMs and Floppy Discs From Closets Around the World

Game patches, spreadsheet software, FTP sites, software update files—the digital preservationist is saving rare bits of computer history that would otherwise be lost forever.
Jason Koebler
White Whales

Software Preservation Is a Job for the Government, UNESCO Says

Code is heritage.
Jordan Pearson
golden years, go-old

Programmers Are Racing to Save Apple II Software Before It Goes Extinct

We're living in a golden age of Apple II preservation.
Jordan Pearson

Here’s 520 Hours of Trump Interviews So You Can Fact-Check the President

A blusterous archive.
Jordan Pearson

This GeoCities Advent Calendar Is a Christmas Miracle

Stop pretending your childhood was spent in snow covered log cabins with that Thomas Kinkade crap.
Zack Kotzer

How Nintendo Power’s Japanese Influence Changed Game Magazines Forever

You can now view all of Nintendo Power online.
Heidi Kemps

Britney Spears's Guide to Physics Is Still the Best Science Website From 1999

Its creator says, “It will probably be the only thing people remember about me.”
Jordan Pearson

Google, a Search Company, Has Made Its Internet Archive Impossible to Search

The search giant broke its Usenet archive. Again. And no one knows if or when it will get fixed.
Matthew Braga
Motherboard Blog

Watch a Christian Spy from Mars Explain Why You Suck at Driving

Is there anything better than 50s animation? Well, yeah, when that animation includes a Martian spy taking Earthling drivers to task for driving like inconsiderate jerks. Sponsored by the General Board of Temperance of The Methodist Church, this 195...
Derek Mead
Motherboard Blog

The Fine Art of Keeping the World's Weird Films Alive: An Interview with Archivist Rick Prelinger

Rick Prelinger is an archivist rockstar. In the DIY spirit, he created his acclaimed Prelinger Library from scratch -- by touring the world in search of its rare and beautiful advertising, educational, industrial, and amateur films. In 2002, after...
Katie Bennett
Motherboard Blog

Here's What Happened to Seven of the Most Important Film Reels in History

Something you may not know is that fifty percent of movie theaters play films through an old-school projector. Yup, that means that some of the movies you watch come from actual film reels instead of some invisible source on the internet. But now that...
Katie Bennett