Twitter Is a Hellscape, So this Plugin Sends Tweets to Your Inbox

For those of us whose jobs require at least some use of the social network, there are now ways to take a bit of a break.
Kaleigh Rogers

This Chrome Extension Shows You the Internet as If You Were Colorblind

“Colorblindly” is an app that helps designers make their websites more accessible.
Samantha Cole

Take a Rollercoaster Ride Through a Duck's Vagina in Virtual Reality

“VR Duck Genitalia Explorer” is a trip through a duck’s reproductive system.
Samantha Cole
Internet Insecurity

Popular Mac Anti-Adware App ‘Surreptitiously Steals’ Your Browsing History, Researchers Say

Researchers allege the developers of Adware Doctor, the 4th highest ranking paid app in the Mac App Store, have found a way to bypass Apple restrictions and collect sensitive user data.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai

New MoviePass Rules Limit Users to Three Films a Month

The discount movie ticket app has been changing its terms every other month this year.
Kaleigh Rogers

How to See Which Apps Can Read Your Gmail

Third party app developers read user emails, the Wall Street Journal reported, raising questions about Google’s oversight.
Jordan Pearson
Choose Your Own Algorithm

How to Fix the Internet After the Cambridge Analytica Scandal

The fiasco over third party apps and the Facebook user data that got Trump elected is almost beside the point for researcher Hossein Derakhshan.
Motherboard Italia

Our Brains Are Being Overloaded With Push Notifications About Nothing

As social media vies for our attention, networks have begun sending us notifications that have nothing to do with our activity on the site.
Ashwin Rodrigues
Internet Insecurity

Android App With 10 Million Downloads Left Users’ Photos and Audio Messages Exposed to Public

The developers of Drupe, a popular Android app, left its users' data, including selfies and audio messages, on insecure, publicly accessible Amazon cloud servers.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality App Can Translate Sign Language Into Spoken English, and Vice Versa

Students at New York University have created a working prototype of an app that uses machine learning and augmented reality to enable hearing people to understand sign language, and turns spoken words into sign language for the deaf.
Kaleigh Rogers

This App Is Helping Black Organizers Bail People Out of Jail

Since the app launched three months ago, over 7,500 users have signed up and have raised more than $60,000.
Deonna Anderson
Die With Me

This Chatroom Only Opens When Your Phone’s About to Die

A whole new, almost-dead world.
Samantha Cole