eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

Scientists Can Erase Specific Memories From a Snail’s Brain

Like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, but for snails.
Lisa Cumming
mental health

'Side Effects May Include': The Search for an Antidepressant That Works

It's hard to find the right medication for depression when doctors still don't understand the science behind it.
Kaleigh Rogers
Weed Week

Marijuana-Induced Anxiety Is Weed Culture's Bigfoot

Ever get the fear when you smoke up? Scientists are still trying to work out why.
Sarah Emerson

This Podcast of Rambling Stories Is Designed to Bore You to Sleep

’Sleep with Me’ is a popular podcast that lulls you to sleep through its meandering tales.
Kaleigh Rogers
mental health

Denying Women Access to Abortion Has Negative Psychological Effects, Study Finds

Many anti-abortion advocates claim women’s mental health is at risk if they have an abortion, but new research shows denying access is more detrimental.
Kaleigh Rogers
mental health

Neuroscientists Discover, Block a New Neural Circuit for Fear

Fear: do we really need it?
Michael Byrne

​I Disrupted My Social Anxiety with an App

When I came across mental health startup Joyable in the form of a Facebook ad, I was intrigued. Why did I seem like a good target for a social anxiety advertisement?
Ashwin Rodrigues

This Desert Town Is Full of People With a Mysterious Disease

Snowflake, Arizona has become an oasis for the afflicted.
Sarah Emerson
mental health

Eyeless Albino Cave Fish Help Explain Schizophrenia and Autism

According to new research, anxious cave fish may serve as model organisms for understanding human psychiatry.
Michael Byrne

Could This BB-8 Bot Help People Cope With Anxiety?

One Toronto researcher is trying to find out.
Rebecca Krauss
You'll Sleep When You're Dead

Is Sleeping With the TV on Actually Bad for You?

Millions of people fall asleep with the TV on every night, but is it bad for your health? Read on.
Jason Koebler
You'll Sleep When You're Dead

When Anxiety Gives You Bad Dreams That Give You More Anxiety and Bad Dreams

I can't tell you what a good dream feels like because I've never had one.
Sarah Emerson