Amnesty International


Powerful Smartphone Malware Used to Target Amnesty International Researcher

Human rights charity Amnesty International has found hackers attempted to infect one of their researcher's phones with malware from Israeli vendor NSO Group.
Joseph Cox

Why the Arrest of IT Trainers in Turkey Affects Us All

The detention of Ali Gharavi and Peter Steudtner was no accident.
Tanya O'Carroll
Exported Surveillance

The UK Granted Spy Tech Export to Turkey Amid Its Massive Crackdown on Dissent

Turkey has ordered over a hundred media outlets to close, jailed journalists, and most recently demanded the arrest of a senior Amnesty International employee.
Joseph Cox

The Guy Who Saved Your iPhone From Hackers Is Stuck in a UAE Jail

'Million dollar dissident' Ahmed Mansoor’s actions protected millions of iPhone users from sophisticated spyware. If you care about your privacy and security, you should be fighting for his release.
Tanya O'Carroll
Taking The Bait

This Cunning, Months-in-the-Making Phishing Campaign Targeted Dozens of Journalists, Activists

In a new report, Amnesty International details a prolonged phishing campaign against journalists, activists and campaigners who work with Qatari labor rights issues.
Joseph Cox

We Know GCHQ Spied on Amnesty International But We Still Don't Know Why

Amnesty calls it a "shocking" revelation.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai

The App That Lets Journalists and Activists Secretly Call for Help

In order to send a distress message, a user can either rapidly tap the power button of the phone or use an interface that resembles a normal calculator and hammer any key on that instead.
Joseph Cox