Alex Jones

Pepe the Frog

Read the Best Parts of Alex Jones's 159-Page Deposition About Pepe the Frog

Jones is getting sued for allegedly violating the copyright of Pepe the Frog's creator by selling Pepe posters on Infowars.
Matthew Gault
data hoarding

This Data Hoarder Is Downloading the Metadata of Roughly 10 Billion YouTube Videos

Reddit’s data hoarding community is all too familiar with massive archival projects, but collecting all of YouTube’s metadata presents some unique challenges.
Daniel Oberhaus

The FCC Shut Down a Pirate Radio Station Broadcasting Alex Jones

Regulators in Texas have put a stop to a pirate radio station operating out of a crumbling apartment complex.
Matthew Gault

Deplatforming Works

Alex Jones says getting banned by YouTube and Facebook will only make him stronger. The research says that's not true.
Jason Koebler
infowars life

Alex Jones’s ‘InfoWars Life’ Products Are Still For Sale on Amazon

InfoWars merchandise is central to Alex Jones’s brand, and right now Amazon is one of the remaining platforms still associated with the conspiracy theorist.
Sarah Emerson
Infowars Banned

YouTube Is the Latest Platform to Delete Alex Jones’ Channels For Violating Its Guidelines

The Alex Jones Channel, followed by millions of people, has been deleted from YouTube.
Sarah Emerson

Facebook Suspends Alex Jones’ Profile

After facing a firestorm over misinformation on its platform, Facebook removed several videos from conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, and suspended his profile, meaning he cannot post any content himself for 30 days.
Joseph Cox
Whopper Sacrifice 2.0

How Burger King Can Fight InfoWars on Facebook

In 2009 the Whopper Sacrifice app encouraged people to unfriend people on Facebook in exchange for delicious burgers. It's time to bring it back.
Ashwin Rodrigues

Infowars Is Fighting for the Right to Keep Using Pepe the Frog on Merchandise

Court documents reveal how Alex Jones' company will fight to keep selling Pepe branded merchandise.
Matthew Gault

Conspiracy Theorists Just Want to Feel Special

Those with a conspiracy mentality were more likely to believe less popular theories, perhaps suggesting that the ‘exclusivity’ of the belief is the very commodity they seek.
Roland Imhoff

Art Bell, the Radio Host Who Made America Believe in UFOs, Is Dead at 72

Goodbye to the man who brought the world UFOs, Area 51, and Alex Jones.
Matthew Gault
Alex Jones

Matt Furie Is Winning His Fight to Liberate Pepe from the Far Right

“The goal is to keep up this enforcement so that no one out there is using Pepe in connection with hateful messages and expecting to make any money off of it.”
Matthew Gault