Google Says Its AI That Makes Phone Calls Isn't Good Enough to Be Dangerous

At a product demonstration, executives did their best to assuage fears about the unsettling new technology.
Kaleigh Rogers
Artificial Intelligence

Nvidia Can Artificially Create Slow Motion That Is Better Than a 300,000 FPS Camera

Nvidia's software and Tesla V100 GPUs generate extra frames to fill in video gaps.
Ian Birnbaum

Gfycat's AI Solution for Fighting Deepfakes Isn't Working

Chasing AI-created fake videos with AI moderators doesn’t work, as Gfycat may be finding out.
Samantha Cole

Facebook Wants to Use AI to Replace Your Eyeballs in Photos Where You Blinked

Researchers at the company are experimenting with AI to retouch your most undignified pictures.
Sarah Emerson
Artificial Intelligence

Stanford Researchers Trained a Neural Network to Make These Memes

The model was trained on hundreds of memes in the “advice animal” style of text and image then tasked with producing its own captions.
Kaleigh Rogers
world cup 2018

This AI Simulated the 2018 World Cup 100,000 Times to Predict a Winner

A group of researchers used AI and machine learning to predict that Spain and Germany are the most likely winners of the 2018 World Cup in Russia.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai

Google Started a Political Shitstorm Because of Its Over-Reliance on Wikipedia

The feature that caused Google to say the ideology of the California Republican Party is "Nazism" is killing Wikipedia.
Jason Koebler
on the clock

Google Is Saving Its Own Time, Not Yours

Algorithmic guessing misses what makes us human.
S.A. Applin

AI Can Generate 'Doom' Levels Now

Algorithms that can make video game levels humans want to play can automate aspects of game design.
Wajeeh Maaz
talk robot to me

How to Tell If You’re Talking to a Robot

Mundane small talk could unravel an artificially intelligent phone assistant's otherwise-realistic speech patterns.
Samantha Cole
Google I/O

Google Duplex Puts AI Into a Social Uncanny Valley

Google Assistant can now make phone calls, but the people answering the phones at small businesses can't yet form a relationship with an AI agent.
S.A. Applin

We Need Bug Bounties for Bad Algorithms

In the age of algorithmic decision-making, we need to incentivize algorithmic auditors to become our new immune system.
Amit Elazari Bar On