How Activists Are Resisting a Megadam That Threatens ‘Cultural Genocide’

Indigenous protesters are engaging in civil disobedience and facing arrest to fight the $12.7 billion Muskrat Falls hydroelectricity project in Newfoundland.
Deidre Olsen

Why Seattle Accidentally Sent This Activist the First 256 Characters of 32 Million Internal Emails

How this self-described FOIA-nerd uses city data to make your life better.
Karl Bode

Massachusetts Police Accidentally Tweet Evidence They’re Monitoring Left-Wing Activists

The tweet was meant to share information about the gas leak explosions, but revealed bookmarks for left-wing and Black rights Facebook groups.
Kaleigh Rogers
Facebook Disinformation

How Real Activists Learned Facebook Was Deleting Their Protest Page for ‘Inauthentic Behavior’

Facebook’s definition of "authentic" is complicated because disinformation campaigns are complicated.
Sarah Emerson

The Teen Rapper Suing the US Government for Climate Change Negligence

Xiuhtezcatl Martinez is raising awareness of environmental issues through fiery speeches, hip hop, and federal lawsuits.
Becky Ferreira
On Edge

This Is How People Who Hold Others' Lives in Their Hands Deal With Stress

You think your job is stressful?
Rajul Punjabi
Lil B

Rapper Lil B Sent Us the Posts Facebook Calls ‘Hate Speech’

Facebook says its policies are “race-neutral.”
Jordan Pearson
total eclipse 2017

Weed Activists in the Path of Totality Have Big Plans for the Eclipse

The path of totality cuts through some of the strictest places in the country for cannabis legalization. Activists want to get their message out.
Samantha Cole

‘Snowpiercer’ Director’s New Movie ‘Okja' Is an Anti-Corporate Mindfuck

The new film from Bong Joon Ho is a critique of ethical capitalism wrapped in a heartwarming animal adventure story. But it's not coming to theaters: it premieres on Netflix June 28.
Carl Franzen
the next 150 years

Indigenous Peoples Will Shape a More Just and Sustainable Future for Canada

After 150 years of colonization, Canada is at a crossroads.
Julian Brave NoiseCat

The Guy Who Saved Your iPhone From Hackers Is Stuck in a UAE Jail

'Million dollar dissident' Ahmed Mansoor’s actions protected millions of iPhone users from sophisticated spyware. If you care about your privacy and security, you should be fighting for his release.
Tanya O'Carroll
humans of the year

Angelica Ross Wants to Use Tech to Help People in Transition

The founder of TransTech went through a long journey to get to where she is today, and now she wants to help others with their own turning points in life.
Samantha Cole