Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality App Can Translate Sign Language Into Spoken English, and Vice Versa

Students at New York University have created a working prototype of an app that uses machine learning and augmented reality to enable hearing people to understand sign language, and turns spoken words into sign language for the deaf.
Kaleigh Rogers
On Edge

This Artist Is Using Drone Music to Help People With Anxiety and Depression

Kristel Jax's drone therapy combines personal stories about mental health and drone music.
Katie Jensen

Toronto’s New Auditory ‘Beacons’ Will Help Blind People Navigate Downtown

They transmit navigation data directly to blind people’s phones.
Alison Motluk
Handy Invention

Watch a Prosthetic Third Thumb Play Guitar and Hold Wine Glasses

Three thumbs up.
Samantha Cole

Self-Driving Cars Should Be Designed For People with Disabilities

The autonomous vehicle revolution could be especially helpful to a population that struggles with access.
Bret Hauff
short circuit

How a Wearable Device May Help the Blind Navigate the World Like a Video Game

Designed for the visually impaired, Horus uses two cameras mounted to a headset to describe the world for the wearer.
Nadja Sayej
short circuit

Apple’s New Touch Bar May Present Usability Challenges For Blind Users

The TouchBar in the new MacBook Pro may be flashy, but is it any more usable than traditional function keys for the vision impaired?
Yael Grauer
short circuit

Microsoft’s New Direction All Started With the Kinect

Widely written off as a failure, Microsoft's 6-year-old gaming peripheral set the stage for the Surface Studio and more.
Nicholas Deleon
Design Bias

Popup Ads Are Terrible, and They're Even Worse for the Blind

Most sites still don’t do popups correctly, because many developers don’t even realize that blind people are using their websites.
Rose Eveleth

What ABC’s New TV Series ‘Speechless’ Can Tell Us About ‘Voice’

Alternative communication systems have incredible potential to support agency, independence, and personhood for people with disabilities. But they do not enter into a vacuum devoid of other injustices.
Meryl Alper

A Disabilities Tech Company Is Raising Money on Kickstarter

Furenexo is developing three prototype accessibility products with the hope of serving a large market.
Madison Margolin
Uber Earth

Uber Has a Big Ol' Dog Problem

Uber has yet to figure out how to better accommodate riders with service dogs.
Sarah Emerson