A Smarter Gun

A Smarter Gun

Gunpowder Is Shit

The forgotten context of the Second Amendment.
Robert Coolman
up in arms

This Controversial 21-Year-Old Is Turning YouTube’s Homebrew Gun Scene Upside Down While Evading Censors

“This isn’t your granddaddy’s pipe gun.”
Roisin Kiberd
humans of the year

Hacker Runa Sandvik Went From Hijacking a Smart Rifle to Securing The NYT

The director of information security for the newsroom is making journalists more secure against a world of increasing digital threats.
Joseph Cox
A Smarter Gun

The LGBTQ Community Is Locked and Loaded

Spurred by fear of Trump’s America, the LGBTQ community is strapping up.
Ian Birnbaum

Why Video Game Guns 'Feel' Good

An interview with the internet's leading video game gun critic.
Emanuel Maiberg
A Smarter Gun

New Machine Learning Program Recognizes Handguns in Even Low-Quality Video

If we can register the gun before it's actually fired, we can regain some control.
Michael Byrne
let's shoot

YouTube's Gun Reviewers Are 'Guns & Ammo' Magazine for the Internet Age

Like, subscribe, fire, and reload.
Oliver Lee Bateman

Mandatory Carry

In the future, everyone carries a gun. They have to. It's the law.
Caleb March
A Smarter Gun

Veteran Developers Remember the Weirdest Guns in Gaming

You have the right to bear a unicorn.
Kevin Wong
A Smarter Gun

Podcast: Who Killed the Smart Gun?

pluspluspodcast dives into Motherboard's documentary and talks to producer and features editor Brian Anderson.
Ankita Rao
A Smarter Gun

Who Killed the Smart Gun?

Motherboard goes in search of the small movement that seeks to change the very technology at the heart of firearms.
Motherboard Staff
A Smarter Gun

Who Killed the Smart Gun?

Watch Motherboard's new documentary.
Brian Anderson