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Someone Recreated HyperCard, Apple's 80s Programming Tool Invented on Acid

ViperCard recreates Apple's classic software, which Bill Atkinson thought up while totally high.
Jordan Pearson
the woz

Steve Wozniak’s US Festival Predicted the Melding of Tech and Music

The US Festival, held in 1982 and 1983, was the kind of music happening where you could watch bands on giant screens while grabbing some shade under a satellite dish.
Ernie Smith
Motherboard Guide to Cinema

‘The Running Man’ Is the Perfect Dystopian Movie For Trump’s Inauguration

It's the 30th anniversary of the cheesy 80s Schwarzenegger dystopian action flick, but it's never felt more timely.
Daniel Oberhaus

80s Logo Generator Guy Just Wanted to Bring Joy to This Sick, Sad World

32-year-old Alexey Ivanov was inspired by the faux retro film 'Kung Fury'.
Samantha Cole
Noisey Blog

The King of ‘As Seen on TV’ Was the Original Gadget Man

Saying goodbye to a man who filled the world with crap.
Jordan Pearson

Congress Is About to Get a Shit Ton of Faxes This Week

The government is stuck in 1984, so hopefully faxes will convince them to stop CISA.
Jordan Pearson

Apple's Wacky Vision of the Future From 1987 Never Gets Old

It's never a bad time for this classic 1987 forward-looking Apple ad.
Kari Paul
Motherboard Blog

How I Learned to Stop Caring and Love 'the Advertising Industry's Collective Wet Dream'

'Memorex,' a 50-minute meditation on hyper-consumerism, was sourced from over 40 hours worth of '80s television commercials ripped off old videotapes. The end product is the nightmarish, glowing detritus of the dead dreams of the middle class.
Brian Anderson