No Dice

Why The FBI Investigated ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ Players in the 1990s

An FBI memo written during the Unabomber investigation describes roleplayers as 'armed and dangerous,' 'extremely intelligent individuals' and 'overweight and not neat in appearance.'
JPat Brown
remember when?

90s Nostalgia Sells So Well Because We're Chasing Fleeting Happiness

Nostalgia is both fuzzy and insanely lucrative.
Kevin Wong
virtual reality

VR Was the 'Next Big Thing' 20 Years Ago. What's Different Now?

The foundation for broad adoption is more substantial, but content could be problematic.
Alyssa Oursler
Browsing history

I Surfed the Wholesome Web of the 1990s at This Historically Accurate Internet Cafe

London's 64 Bits exhibition goes back to the future of the web's early days.
Ben Sullivan

We Talked to the 'Ghost in the Shell' Director About Weed, Whitewashing, and Cyberpunk

Rupert Sanders tells us about the journey he went on to make the live-action adaptation of the 1995 anime classic, and the controversy over casting Scarlett Johansson.
Matthew Giles
Why Zordon Why?

Half of ‘Power Rangers’ Was a Lie and So Was Your Childhood

There’s a reason Rita Repula’s lips never lined up with her screams for power.
Samantha Cole

Steve Wozniak Was My Computer Teacher in 1995

The Apple co-founder spent his own money, and more importantly, lots of his own time, showing us public school kids how to use the early internet.
Madeline Moitozo
Donald Trump

The Strange History of Steve Bannon and the Biosphere 2 Experiment

Here’s what happened when Trump’s chief strategist was given a mock Earth.
Samantha Cole

Watch This Teaser Trailer for the ‘X-Files’ Reboot

I want to believe in this 90s revival.
Rachel Pick

"Are These Guys Just Having Fun?" Watch This 1990s Video About Hacking

Hackers, the phantoms of the opera of the Internet, have had an enormous impact on the rich narrative of our online reality. The video below, the first episode of "Net Cafe" from 1996, begins by describing "the first time the CIA website got hacked...
Sean Yeaton
Motherboard Blog

You Let Me Change Lanes: Music Videos From the Nineties Had a Strange Thing For Cars

I'm not sure what it says about gas prices / oil futures, the collective artistic unconscious, or what we all thought the Clinton years had us driving away from (or toward), but has anyone else noticed how many music videos from the '90s take place...
Brian Anderson