'Far Cry New Dawn,' 'Metro Exodus,' and the Post-Apocalypse We Need

Two new video games look at a world ruined by nuclear war and offer two very different meditations on hope and power.
Matthew Gault
25 minutes ago

Astronomers Discover a New Moon Orbiting Neptune

Hippocamp may have been forged by the fallout of an impact billions of years ago.
Becky Ferreira
2 hours ago
sex work

Google’s New Play Store Rules Are Breaking an App Sex Workers Use to Keep Safe

Ugly Mugs, a UK-based call screening app that helps workers avoid dangerous clients, is at risk for being shut down.
Samantha Cole
3 hours ago
When Spies Come Home

PayPal Processes Payments for ‘Stalkerware’ Software Sold to Abusive Partners

The booming industry of spyware to spy on romantic partners doesn’t exist in a vacuum: Companies need financial and tech giants to process their payments and advertise their wares.
Joseph Cox
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
3 hours ago

How Hackers Break into iCloud-Locked iPhones

In this week’s episode of CYBER, Motherboard talks about the complex, underground industry of breaking into iCloud-locked iPhones, which brings together thieves, coders, and hackers from around the world.
Motherboard Staff
5 hours ago
apple ii

This Programmer Turned the 36-Year-Old Apple IIe into a Robot

Yet again the Apple II community has found something extremely cool to do with the vintage computer.
Jason Koebler
6 hours ago
Video Games

'Anthem' Is a Hot Mess

Three big reasons why BioWare's online mech shooter still feels like it's fighting the player just days before its February 22 wide release.
Jordan Pearson
Emanuel Maiberg
a day ago

Toxic Black Snow Is Covering Towns in Siberia

“The future of our children is terrifying.”
Sarah Emerson
a day ago

Facial Recognition Software Regularly Misgenders Trans People

Human computer interfaces are almost never built with transgender people in mind, and continue to reinforce existing biases.
Matthew Gault
a day ago
Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon Visitors May Have Been Exposed to Radiation For Years

A park safety manager reveals that three buckets of uranium ore were sitting in a museum storage basement, starting in 2000.
Becky Ferreira
a day ago

New Bill Would Stop Internet Service Providers From Screwing You With Hidden Fees

Cable giants routinely advertise one rate then charge you another thanks to hidden fees a well-lobbied government refuses to do anything about.
Karl Bode
a day ago

Are Hackintosh Users More Passionate About the Mac Than Apple?

The Hackintosh has become a phenomenon in recent years, despite knotty ethical questions, because Apple’s neglected superfans won’t stop thinking different.
Ernie Smith
a day ago