The Christchurch Terror Attack Isn’t an 'Internet' Terror Attack

The deaths in Christchurch are a part of a pervasive epidemic of Islamophobia, which can't be blamed on a small white supremacy forum alone.
Caroline Haskins
3 days ago

Facebook Is Launching a New Machine Learning Algorithm to Combat Revenge Porn

Facebook told Motherboard that this tool is trained on "previously confirmed non-consensual intimate images."
Samantha Cole
3 days ago
Hot Jupiters

NASA Scientists Created a Super-Hot Exoplanet Atmosphere on Earth

A team heated a cloud of gas up to 2,000°F and blasted it with radiation to see what happens on giant planets that orbit very close to their stars.
Becky Ferreira
3 days ago
Video Games

We’ve Entered the Golden Age of Gaming While Pooping

With existing solutions that allow for AAA game streaming to your mobile devices, and more on the way, there's never been a better time to chill on the john.
Matthew Gault
3 days ago
In Moderation

Documents Show How Facebook Moderates Terrorism on Livestreams

On Friday, at least 49 people were killed in terror attacks in New Zealand. Documents, sources, and interviews with senior Facebook employees show how difficult it is for social media companies to moderate live footage.
Joseph Cox
3 days ago

Cryptocurrency That Claimed to Be Backed by Cash No Longer Solely Backed by Cash

Tether said its USDT token was 'backed 1-to-1 by traditional currency' but now adds cash equivalents, receivables from loans, and other assets to its reserves.
Jordan Pearson
4 days ago

Death and Other Gentrifying Neighborhoods

In the not so distant future, on the shores of submerged Miami, a tale of sex, server farms, and the exploited human 'reboots' who keep the new world humming.
Sam J. Miller
4 days ago
star systems

Astronomers Peer at a Young Star System That Is Strikingly Similar to Our Own

DM Tau has its own asteroid belt, and may be developing its own versions of Earth and Neptune, too.
Becky Ferreira
4 days ago
Election Security

DARPA Is Building a $10 Million, Open Source, Secure Voting System

The system will be fully open source and designed with newly developed secure hardware to make the system not only impervious to certain kinds of hacking, but also allow voters to verify that their votes were recorded accurately.
Kim Zetter
4 days ago

'Math Anxiety' Is Real, and Your Teachers Are Probably to Blame

Adults have an impact on students' math anxiety, but that can change.
Samantha Cole
4 days ago
climate change

Catastrophic Temperature Rise In the Arctic Is 'Locked In,' UN Report Says

“What happens in the Arctic does not stay in the Arctic.”
Sarah Emerson
4 days ago
Runaway Stars

This Runaway ‘Hypervelocity’ Star Was Catapulted from the Milky Way’s Disk

“This discovery dramatically changes our view on the origin of fast-moving stars.”
Becky Ferreira
4 days ago