Samantha Cole

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A Popular Podcast Host Had a Gun Pulled On Him During a Livestream

The host of the “No Jumper” podcast Adam22 was streaming video when someone threatened him with a gun in an armed robbery attempt, LAPD confirmed to Motherboard.
Samantha Cole
4 hours ago

Facebook Is Launching a New Machine Learning Algorithm to Combat Revenge Porn

Facebook told Motherboard that this tool is trained on "previously confirmed non-consensual intimate images."
Samantha Cole
3 days ago

'Math Anxiety' Is Real, and Your Teachers Are Probably to Blame

Adults have an impact on students' math anxiety, but that can change.
Samantha Cole
4 days ago

This Chrome Extension Lets You Tune Out Toxic Comments Online

“Tune” is an app that uses machine learning to filter what it thinks is “toxic” content, but it’s far from perfect.
Samantha Cole

This GoPro for Your Dick Is Ridiculous

You can now buy the Cock Cam, a cock ring with a camera on it, for $160.
Samantha Cole
Review Bombing

'Captain Marvel' Shows How the Culture War Is Making User Reviews Useless

Rotten Tomatoes had to make changes to audience rating functionality following a review-bombing campaign against the film.
Samantha Cole
Rule 34

Taking a Long, Deep Sniff of Fart Porn

“The concept of farting gave me this weird feeling as far back as I can remember."
Samantha Cole
sex work

Google’s New Play Store Rules Are Breaking an App Sex Workers Use to Keep Safe

Ugly Mugs, a UK-based call screening app that helps workers avoid dangerous clients, is at risk for being shut down.
Samantha Cole

This Interactive Map of Human Emotional Sounds Is Both Horny and Horrifying

Researchers plotted “vocal bursts” on a map, and found that we experience around 24 nonverbal emotions.
Samantha Cole

How to Pick a Chastity Cage Lock With a Condom Wrapper

A Valentine’s Day tribute to the kinkier side of lockpicking.
Samantha Cole

The Live-Action LEGO Porn Parody Is Here to Corrupt Your Childhood

“Dicksburg has become a post-ablockalyptic glandscape."
Samantha Cole

The Juicy, Round World of Blueberry Porn

The kink for watching people transform into sloshing human berries is more widespread than you think.
Samantha Cole