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Spotify Files Antitrust Complaint Against 'Apple Tax' In EU

Spotify alleges that Apple uses its ownership over iOS and the App Store to impose an 'Apple tax' that stifles competition.
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nuclear fusion

A Child Explains Why He Built a Nuclear Reactor in His Playroom

“I realized that certain things that I thought were impossible for someone my age aren’t impossible,” said Jackson Oswalt, 14.
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Earth’s Atmosphere Stretches Far Beyond the Moon, Scientists Find

A group of researchers discovered that Earth’s atmosphere extends almost twice the distance to the Moon after analyzing data gathered in the 1990s.
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Black History Month

Take These Google Earth Tours Through American Black History

"The Journey of Us" project is a collaboration with the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, Howard University’s Moorland-Spingarn Research Center, and Google.
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King vader

The New, Kinder King of YouTube

King Vader has built his brand on parodies like "Hood Naruto"—and a commitment to avoid beefing.
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Why Did YouTube Mass Recommend That People Watch News Footage of the 9/11 Attacks?

Thousands of people say that a years-old CNN news feed from the morning of the September 11th attacks has been resurfaced by YouTube's recommendation algorithm.
Rob Dozier

This Short Film Imagines the Terrifying, AI-Fueled Future of Work

In Keiichi Matsuda's short film, a hapless worker competes with AI in a future where humans have been proven to be less efficient than machines.
Rob Dozier

New Prosthetic Allows Amputees to Walk and Swim Without Changing Legs

New 3D-printed prosthetic design helps amputees stay active in the water.
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Play the Demo for the 'Darkwing Duck' Game Disney and Capcom Rejected

The developers behind 'Sonic Mania' pitched Disney and Capcom on a new 'Darkwing Duck' game.
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