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We Can Now Edit Single ‘Letters’ of DNA

New discoveries bring greater precision to gene editing.
Paul Tadich
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How Oceans are Being Used to Cool Massive Data Centres

At a state-of-the-art Google server farm in Finland, the waters of the Gulf soothe red-hot microprocessors.
Paul Tadich
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A Tiny Self-Sufficient House Aims to Make Us Rethink Sustainability

A group of architects and engineers in Ottawa are building a tiny, totally self-sufficient house that people might actually want to live in.
Paul Tadich
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How Space-Based Design Will Keep Martians and Moon-Dwellers Sane

Reminders of home will be necessary for humans to make the great leap of living off the Earth.
Paul Tadich
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Why Social Housing Units in Cities Will Be Hard Hit by Climate Change

As the planet gets hotter, many of us will sweat through record temperatures in buildings that aren’t designed to cool down. New technologies will help.
Paul Tadich
What Is the iPhone?

The iPhone Revolutionized Gay Hookup Culture

With Grindr, love and sex became available in abundance. So did body shaming and discrimination.
Paul Tadich

How an Ancient Supernova Turned the Sky on Earth Electric Blue

Here’s what would happen if a supernova struck Earth.
Paul Tadich
artificial humans

An Artificial Womb for Lambs Foreshadows Womb-Free Births for Humans

Lamb fetuses were kept alive outside their mothers’ bodies in “biobags.”
Paul Tadich

Why CRISPR Never Could Have Come Out of Silicon Valley

Motherboard caught up with Jennifer Doudna at the Gairdner Awards in Toronto, where she’s being honoured as a pioneer of the gene editing technology.
Paul Tadich

Scientists Have Conducted Decades of Research on Mislabeled Cell Lines

Since 1950, many cell lines used in research have been mislabeled as being from the wrong individual, tissue, or species.
Paul Tadich

Scientists Built a ‘Mini Black Hole’ Out of Sound Waves

A tabletop black hole emits what looks like Hawking radiation.
Paul Tadich
climate change

These Gold ‘Nanoneedles’ Could Be a Powerful Weapon Against Climate Change

They function like lightning rods, catalyzing a reaction that splits CO2 apart.
Paul Tadich