Oliver Lee Bateman

Is Nothing Sacred?

Fake Weights Are Helping Instagram Stars Go Viral

The thirst for Likes is real, but the motivation behind it isn't new.
Oliver Lee Bateman
Testing The Limits

Why the Science Behind Athletic Performance Enhancement Remains So Controversial

Some pioneering researchers and athletes are working to increase human performance and longevity, but many remain skeptical of their methods.
Oliver Lee Bateman
No pain no gain

The Future of Fitness Is Always Around the Corner

A new headset uses an AI "coach" to help users lose weight.
Oliver Lee Bateman

When It Comes to Weightlifting, Genetics Can Do a Lot of the Heavy Lifting

Researchers have isolated a genetic variant that has a strong correlation with success in power sports such as sprinting and weightlifting.
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let's shoot

YouTube's Gun Reviewers Are 'Guns & Ammo' Magazine for the Internet Age

Like, subscribe, fire, and reload.
Oliver Lee Bateman
Bigger, Stronger, Faster

Strength Records Continue to Fall, But How Much Stronger Can Humans Get?

Strongmen like Game of Thrones’ Hafpor Bjornsson have pushed their bodies to the limit, but can other strength athletes go even further?
Oliver Lee Bateman
Pumping Iron

Sports Nutrition Companies Are Going for Bodybuilders’ Weak Spot: Their Sweet Tooth

At the Arnold Sports Festival, nutrition companies downplayed ketogenic foods and promoted their cake bites, high-fiber ice cream, and other sweet treats.
Oliver Lee Bateman
Hard Bodies

Bodybuilders Sell Supplements, and Themselves, Through Social Media

No longer bound by traditional distribution channels, the bodybuilders and physique athletes on display at this year’s Arnold Classic Fitness Expo were a testament to the power of YouTube and Instagram.
Oliver Lee Bateman
feels good man

Redditors Made ‘Meme Insider,’ a Completely Insane Magazine About Memes

Day traders may have CNBC, but meme traders have 'Meme Insider.'
Oliver Lee Bateman

Want to Smash Nazis with Handbags? There’s a Game for That

Developers Ramsey Nasser and Jane Friedhoff have created Handväska, a game that models anti-fascist resistance by letting you bowl over Nazis with handbags.
Oliver Lee Bateman

The Alt-Right’s Favorite Diet

John Durant, author of The Paleo Manifesto and a controversial presence on Twitter, talks about the meat-heavy diet and right-wing politics.
Oliver Lee Bateman

Wikipedia Is Being Ripped Apart By a Witch Hunt For Secretly Paid Editors

With undisclosed paid editing on the rise, Wikipedians and the Wikimedia Foundation are working together to stop the practice without discouraging user participation.
Oliver Lee Bateman