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Tower of Babel

This Old School Wearable Puts a Thousand Languages Around Your Neck

Modeled after the Rosetta Stone, this nickel-sized wearable has 1,000 languages on it, including Swahili, Arabic and Hindi.
Nadja Sayej
Sheep View

These North Atlantic Islands Map Their Streets With Sheep

That's one way to do it.
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there's an app for that

Why Are There So Damn Many Celebrity Emoji Apps?

Nadja Sayej

James Bond Is Nothing Compared To These Relics From The Cold War’s Past

The Berlin Spy Museum is a walk through the history of espionage, from the old days of carrier pigeons to password code-cracking and of course, a James Bond-style laser maze.
Nadja Sayej
Great Artists Steal

Story, Snapchat’s Signature Format, Has Totally Conquered Mobile

Good artists copy.
Nadja Sayej
Entertain Us

How Snapchat Became More Important Than TV to Its Young User Base

Snapchat's parent company is going public after successfully expanding beyond mere disappearing messages.
Nadja Sayej
Connect With Friends

Kim Jong Nam’s Facebook Page Offered a Glimpse Into His Life Outside North Korea

Experts say Kim Jong Nam's Facebook page likely didn't win him many friends within the North Korean regime.
Nadja Sayej
Heavy Duty

Consumers May Be Ignoring Wearables But The Construction Industry Isn’t

From smart helmets to LED safety vests, these new wearables are expected to hit the construction industry this year.
Nadja Sayej
Tale of Two Cities

How One Website Plans to Help NYC's Homeless Better Navigate the City's Shelters

A pair of entrepreneurs want to apply the lessons of Yelp's success to improving the lives of New York City's homeless.
Nadja Sayej

Why French Search Engine Qwant Thinks It Can Beat Google

Search engines like Qwant show you don't need to hand over reams of private data for a pleasant experience.
Nadja Sayej

Wearables Double Down on Fashion at CES to Cling to Relevancy

The new wave of wearables could be smart clothing, from posture vests to GPS bike jackets, which are on the runway at the Fashion Ware Show at CES.
Nadja Sayej

Why Hearables Could Be the Next Big Thing in Wearable Devices

A new class of wearable device, the hearable, could be the one to finally win over people besides early tech adopters.
Nadja Sayej