Meaghan Beatley

Meaghan is a Franco-American journalist based in Barcelona.

love birds

Dating App Loveflutter Thinks Your Tweets Are the Key to True Love

Love me Twitter, love me true.
Meaghan Beatley
Dating Is Hell

Dating App Gatsby Doesn't Want You to Swipe Right on Criminals

"Online dating has pretty much gone unchecked for years."
Meaghan Beatley
Mobile Is Eating The World

20-Minute Episodes of 'Game of Thrones' Are Just About Ads

AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson thinks we only want to watch Jon Snow 20 minutes at a time on our phones. Is he right?
Meaghan Beatley
The Social Network

When Death Becomes Social Media Spectacle

Media professionals are wary of Facebook moderation guidelines.
Meaghan Beatley
climate change

Antarctica’s Disintegration Could Actually Lead to a Hollywood Disaster Scenario

When movies become reality.
Meaghan Beatley
When Will It End

Brace Yourselves: The Age of Influencers Has Only Just Begun

"Celebrities" on Instagram aren't going anywhere.
Meaghan Beatley
Airbrushing Reality

France Is Fighting Photoshopped Fashion. Sort Of.

Companies face high fines for not properly labeling photos of models that were altered with Photoshop.
Meaghan Beatley
Memes of Production

From Pepe the Frog to Pepe Le Pen: The Life and Times of a Political Meme

We hardly knew ye.
Meaghan Beatley
school daze

Inexpensive Laptops Aren't the Only Thing Teachers Need in the Classroom

"Sometimes the traditional paper and pencil methods are better."
Meaghan Beatley
Fight Over Bullfighting

A CGI Dinosaur Is the Star in a French Anti-Bullfighting Campaign

The campaign comes just a few days before the second round of the French presidential election.
Meaghan Beatley
the sharing economy

California Wants to Know How Many Airbnb Hosts Racially Discriminate Against Guests

A California agency will investigate hosts with three or more complaints against them alleging racial discrimination.
Meaghan Beatley

Using FaceApp With Dogs Is Truly Unsettling

FaceApp doesn't play kindly with canines.
Meaghan Beatley