Jordan Pearson

Weed Week

For Some Legal Weed Businesses, Cryptocurrency Actually Makes Sense

Despite being recreationally legal in 10 states, cannabis businesses have to come up with creative ways to accept payment other than cash.
Jordan Pearson
14 hours ago
Sidewalk Labs

Canada Is Getting Sued Over Sidewalk Labs’ ‘Smart City’ In Toronto

The Google affiliate's Quayside project has been hit by a massive legal challenge from the Canadian Civil Liberties Association targeting all three levels of government.
Jordan Pearson
3 days ago

Seasteading Bitcoin Fans Say They're 'On the Run' From Thai Government

The 'first seasteaders' wanted a new life free from national laws, now they say they're on the run after reports of criminal charges related to their waterborne structure.
Jordan Pearson
4 days ago

This Is the First-Ever Photo of a Black Hole

The Event Horizon Telescope project unveiled the first-ever photo of a black hole on Wednesday, more than 100 years since Albert Einstein theorized their existence.
Jordan Pearson

Cryptocurrency Mining Up for Elimination In China for Being Wasteful and 'Backward'

China's economic planning agency is considering eliminating cryptocurrency mining along with numerous other products and processes. Comment period is open until May 7.
Jordan Pearson

A Japanese Probe Bombed an Asteroid For the First Time in History

Hayabusa2 was launched with a five-gram bullet and an explosive, both meant for the Ryugu asteroid 200 million miles from Earth.
Jordan Pearson

Customer Complaints About Telecoms Are Up 44% In Canada

Incorrect charges and non-disclosure of terms were the two most popular complaints customers had, according to a new federal report.
Jordan Pearson

MySpace Lost 12 Years of Music in 'Server Migration'

Say goodbye to your high school emo band—music uploaded between 2003-2015 may no longer be accessible.
Jordan Pearson

Cryptocurrency That Claimed to Be Backed by Cash No Longer Solely Backed by Cash

Tether said its USDT token was 'backed 1-to-1 by traditional currency' but now adds cash equivalents, receivables from loans, and other assets to its reserves.
Jordan Pearson

Kurt Russell's New Bitcoin Crime Movie 'Crypto' Looks so Awful I Must See It

'Crypto' is primed to be an instant so-bad-it's-good classic à​ la 1995’s 'The Net.'
Jordan Pearson

We Beamed the Communist Manifesto to Space Using Bitcoin

Satellites and some nascent tech gave Motherboard a unique opportunity.
Jordan Pearson

Coinbase Says Ex-Hacking Team Members Will ‘Transition Out’ After Users Protest

Coinbase acquired Neutrino in February, sparking a #DeleteCoinbase campaign in protest.
Jordan Pearson