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The Best Video Game DRM in the Business Is Getting Cracked Before Games Even Launch

After years of anti-piracy dominance, Denuvo's security is getting broken faster and faster.
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movies are bad

Fox Is Using Google's Machine Learning to Predict What Movies You'll Like

Data scientists at 20th Century Fox and Google Cloud have developed machine-learning software that can analyze movie trailers and predict how likely people are to see those movies in theaters.
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City of Heroes

Copyright Law Just Got Better for Video Game History

In a series of rulings, the Library of Congress has carved out a number of exemptions that will help the movement to archive and preserve video games.
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Matthew Gault

Oakland Police Open Records Transparency Investigation After 'Watch Dogs 2' Lawsuit

Earlier this year, Oakland Police refused to turn over documents about any collaboration with Ubisoft. An activist sued the agency, and won.
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You Can Now Receive Slack Messages Inside a Super Nintendo Game

Defying the laws of God and man, this engineer got Slack working inside an old Japanese SNES game.
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Grand Theft Auto

'GTA: Online' Hack Let Trolls Kill Gamers in Single-Player Mode

Cheaters could kill or wipe character bank accounts as long as players remain connected to Rockstar Social Club.
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Here’s What ‘Metal Gear Solid’ Would Look Like in Unreal Engine 4

The intro to ‘Metal Gear Solid’ looks amazing with modern graphics.
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Will you marry me?

'Spider-Man' for PS4 Has to Be Patched to Remove This Failed Marriage Proposal

One of the best selling video games of the year is currently also a sad reminder of a failed relationship.
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thq nordic

Curt Schilling's Disastrous Role-Playing Games Find a New Home

RPG fantasy game 'Kingdoms of Amalur' now belongs to Austrian game publisher THQ Nordic.
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virtual reality

This Virtual Reality Dog Could Prevent Dog Bites

As players get closer, the dog shows anxiety and aggression through body language.
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Wario's Gold Mine

Watch the History of Game-Breaking 'Mario Kart' Ultra Shortcuts

Speedrunners broke a track world record 18 times in one day.
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game beef

Bethesda Calls 'Westworld' Mobile Game a 'Blatant Ripoff' of 'Fallout Shelter,' Sues Warner Bros.

Even early bugs from Fallout show up again in Westworld, according to Bethesda.
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