Genetic Profiling and Predictive Policing Are Taking Us to the Pre-Crime Future

And as we head there, the potential for abuse is growing.
Greg Thomas
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How a German Soda Became Hackers' Fuel of Choice

After gaining a cult following at hackathons and raves, Club-Mate has quietly gone global.
Greg Thomas
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The 'Ridiculously Resilient Ridge' Is to Blame for California's Drought

The unusual weather pattern, as described by Stanford PhD student Daniel Swain, won't let rain pass.
Greg Thomas
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Should the FDA Take a More Libertarian Stance Towards Personal Genomics?

At the heart of the 23andMe debate is the question of whether healthcare is too paternalistic.
Greg Thomas
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San Francisco Will Tax and Regulate Google's Buses

City officials are stepping in with a plan to quell an escalating conflict in the city’s ongoing saga, “How Do We Accommodate Tech Without Pissing Off Residents?”
Greg Thomas
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A Chat with a Deep Web Drug Dealer, Before It All Went South

Shortly before the darknet drug site Atlantis shut down, one user talked about his aspirations as a dealer.
Greg Thomas
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The Silk Road Is Shut Down, and the Owner Is in Custody

The FBI has seized the domain of drug marketplace Silk Road and slapped its owner with a host of heavy charges.
Greg Thomas

The Perks and Pains of Trying to Live an Open-Source Lifestyle

A man in Berlin spent a year applying the tenets of open source software to his lifestyle. It was a bumpy 12 months.
Greg Thomas

Can Germany Really Tax Bitcoin?

The German government thinks it can tax and regulate Bitcoin. A crypto-economist in Berlin isn't so sure.
Greg Thomas

The Young Pirates of Europe Will Train the Next Generation of Pirate Politicians

Europe’s disparate pirate political parties have gained a new ally in their quest to overhaul convention, promote digital awareness, and generally bring a bit more structure to its ranks.
Greg Thomas

Phone Makers Are Finally Considering Kill Switches to Turn Stolen Cells Into "Bricks"

Prosecutors are trying to convince Apple, Google, and Samsung to install "kill switches" that would render their products useless when stolen.
Greg Thomas
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The NSA's Data Collection Habits Are Trickling Down to Cops and Credit Agencies

More and more, companies, credit bureaus, and cops around the world are vetting people via social media.
Greg Thomas