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publish or perish

There Are Now 8,000 Fake Science ‘Journals’ Worldwide, Researchers Say

Researchers from high-profile institutions are falling for these scams.
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plastic planet

Earth Is Choking on 8.3 Billion Metric Tons of Plastic Waste

For the first time, scientists have calculated how much plastic we've produced, and its fate. It isn't pretty.
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National Aboriginal Day

Google Maps Will Now Display More Than 3,000 Indigenous Lands in Canada

The announcement comes on National Aboriginal Day.
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our ancestors

Homo Sapiens Have Been on Earth 100,000 Years Longer Than We Thought

A new discovery rewrites human history.
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Thirty Meter Telescope

Astronomers Are Coming to Grips With Moving This Telescope From Hawaii to Spain

Hawaiians have protested building the Thirty Meter Telescope on Mauna Kea, a sacred site.
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reptile love

This Small Town in Canada Spent 10 Years and $2.7 Million to Save Turtles

A community bands together for the love of reptiles.
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sea level rise

Coastal Flooding in Cities Like Vancouver, LA, and Seattle Could Double by 2050

Some cities are preparing for the worst. Others aren’t doing enough.
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Power VR

This Vancouver Startup Is Chasing the Dream of Clean, Limitless Energy Forever

Nuclear fusion is always “50 years away.” But now it could finally, almost be here.
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The sound of silence

Cassini Just Dove Into ‘The Big Empty’ Between Saturn and Its Rings

The first foray between Saturn and its rings reveals this zone is… bizarrely quiet.
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iceberg right ahead

Monster Icebergs Crowding Canada’s Coast Are Likely Harbingers of Climate Change

They're a beautiful sight, and a looming reminder of our changing planet.
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Canada Is Considering Gender Quotas For Major Research Positions

The Naylor report examines problems faced by young researchers who felt shut out of the system.
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Our Ancestors Engaged in Cannibalism for Fun and Profit, Not Just for Calories

Human flesh isn’t as nutritious as mammoth meat. But our ancestors occasionally ate each other anyway.
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