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Distant DM

How to Build Your Own Time Capsule

With a little data-driven forethought—potentially also some light biohacking—your ark might just transcend time.
Brian Anderson
Dig Deep

The Geoduck Diver

Hozoji Matheson-Margullis is widely recognized for her pummeling drum chops. But at 37, the emerging marine biologist is making waves at the forefront of Native American STEM in an age of climate change and Trump.
Brian Anderson
Border Lines

The Mexican Border-Crossing App That Suddenly Disappeared

“What would stop Border Patrol agents from signing up for this also?”
Brian Anderson
Double Takes

Do We All See the Woman Holding an iPhone in This 1856 Statue?

For a good century and a half, "The Indian Girl" solely depicted a Native American woman holding a crucifix. At some point, that changed.
Brian Anderson
Double Takes

Do We All See the Woman Holding an iPhone in This 1860 Painting?

A closer look at “The Expected One,” a painting by 19th century Austrian artist Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller.
Brian Anderson
Outer Limits

Are We the Last Generation to Experience the Outdoors as We Know it?

Welcome to OUTER LIMITS, a Motherboard series that goes inside the outdoors.
Brian Anderson

Do We All See the Man Holding an iPhone in This 1937 Painting?

Wait for it.
Brian Anderson
astral planes

Cloakroom, Earth's Most Futuristic Band, Explains How ‘Technology Is Chill’ Until It Isn’t

I talked to guitarist/vocalist Doyle Martin about tech anxiety, “Tetris,” and the esoteric themes behind the band’s new record, “Time Well.”
Brian Anderson

Fifty Years On, We're Living in the Grateful Dead's Future

Radio Motherboard talks time travel, sound tech, and pre-internet virality with Amir Bar-Lev, director of a new doc about the Dead.
Sam Gustin
Brian Anderson
Reality Doses

When the Drugs Hit

A Motherboard journey into the science, politics, and culture of today’s psychedelic renaissance.
Daniel Oberhaus
Brian Anderson
Narco Cyber

A ‘Hacker’ Exposed a Mexican Drug Lord, Now He's Trying to Save His Own Life

The computer engineer secretly shot video of the purported heir to Sinaloa cartel boss Joaquín “Chapo” Guzmán and was reported to be living in the US under government protection. In fact, he’s stuck in Mexico.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
Brian Anderson

Where Is Occupy’s Free Internet Champion?

Five years ago, Motherboard released a doc on Occupy Wall Street hacktivists trying to build a distributed, ad hoc mesh network from the ground up. We caught up with one of them.
Brian Anderson