Ashwin Rodrigues

Ashwin Rodrigues is a writer based in San Francisco. He's interested in health, technology, comedy, and hip-hop, and has written about some of those things for Tonic, Motherboard, and McSweeney's. 

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I Tried to Replace My Laptop with My Phone and a $20 Bluetooth Keyboard

As my aging MacBook circles the drain, I wonder: have I overestimated my computing needs?
Ashwin Rodrigues
Whopper Sacrifice 2.0

How Burger King Can Fight InfoWars on Facebook

In 2009 the Whopper Sacrifice app encouraged people to unfriend people on Facebook in exchange for delicious burgers. It's time to bring it back.
Ashwin Rodrigues

Our Brains Are Being Overloaded With Push Notifications About Nothing

As social media vies for our attention, networks have begun sending us notifications that have nothing to do with our activity on the site.
Ashwin Rodrigues

If iPhone Moves to USB-C, We Must Embrace One Last Dongle

Apple is rumored to be mulling a switch from Lightning ports to USB-C. It would mean more people will have to use a dongle in the short term, but it'd be for the best.
Ashwin Rodrigues

This Twitter Bot Is Generating Jokes and It's Funnier Than You

Headlinertron is processing comedy specials to create its own jokes.
Ashwin Rodrigues

Uber Driver's Car Shot Up After He Becomes an Unwilling Getaway Driver

Uber driver avoids paying the ultimate price, gets charged $1,000 instead.
Ashwin Rodrigues
good decisions

This Plugin Helps You Quit Smoking By Showing You How Much Money You've Saved

Smokers with Macs: help is on the way.
Ashwin Rodrigues

'Bomb Cyclone' Is a Term Pulled From Deep in Meteorology Glossaries to Get Clicks

The National Weather Service says it's "solely a meteorological term" and doesn't describe the impacts of the storm.
Ashwin Rodrigues
Santa's Husband

How a Tweet About a Gay, Black Santa Turned Into a Children's Book

A story reverse-engineered to piss off homophobes and racists.
Ashwin Rodrigues

Inside the Wild World of Sneaker-Buying Bots

Sneakerheads are increasingly relying on automated software to buy limited-release shoes as soon as they go on sale.
Ashwin Rodrigues
What Is the iPhone?

Society Has Turned the Shattered iPhone Screen Into a Mark of Shame

Why should we adapt to fragile technology, instead of demanding unbreakable screens?
Ashwin Rodrigues

It’s Probably an Appropriate Time to Learn About the Imposter Phenomenon

If you can measure Imposter phenomenon, how does one get rid of it? (Asking for a friend.)
Ashwin Rodrigues