Taking Wearable Technology To The Doctor

The 'Make It Wearable' documentary series looks at the growing relationship between wearable tech and health.

Feb 22 2014, 10:51pm

Last week, Motherboard's sister site the Creators Project premiered the first installment of its five-part documentary series on wearable technology titled, Make It Wearable, in support of Intel's Make It Wearable challenge. Today, we bring you part two on the cutting-edge field with Human Health, an exploration into how wearables in the medical community are optimizing patient care, as well as making health and athletics both safer and smarter. 

More than just communication, wearables have the ability to keep us more informed about our bodies and our health. In this second installment, the Creator's Project talked to doctors, professors, and even a former NFL player who are all using wearables to evolve and improve health and wellness.