Happy 40th: When Microsoft Was Trapped in Its Own Genius

Fear not: This is nothing like a think-piece.

Apr 5 2015, 11:03pm

​Microsoft! It exists. 40 years later. On April 4, 1975, Bill Gates and Paul Allen incorporated a company called "Micro-Soft," and what a thing that turned out to be. I started to write a big long think-piece about how I heart Microsoft and isn't that weird, but then I couldn't really bring the pleasures of Visual Studio debugging and code analysis to life. This is probably a good thing in the end.  

Fortunately, I remembered these wacky recruitment videos from a few years back, produced by ad agency Digital Kitchen and featuring music from ​Legowelt

Brad Abrahams, the videos' creative director, had this to say:

This is what happens when you divide by zero. The second in our series of two viral videos for Microsoft Recruiting, although this one [below] was so weird they didn't know what to do with it. Two computer programmers are lured into a virtual world of their own creation by a gender-neutral artificial intelligence. Will they escape from their own genius? 

I wonder how their career at Microsoft is going.