This Video from the Band 'The Acid' Proves Science Is Trippier than Fiction

This interactive audio exhibit is food for your eyes and ears.

Apr 20 2015, 7:30pm

​With today being 4/20, we have an appropriately trippy video for you to stare it.

"The Acid" is a three minute jarring spectacle that was created from the minds of DJ Adam Freeland, music composer Steve Nalepa and Australian singer-songwriter Ry X.

Together, they crafted an "interactive audio visual art installation" that is inspired by "alchemical processes and nature's transformations." What results is a tangling of interesting imagery from several scientists and relaxing music that reacts to the band's movements.

"It uses pioneering image-making techniques with bespoke audio reactive and motion tracking projection systems which allow the installation to react in real time to the band's musical performance as one unified living system," the video says.

The reactive audio system uses 29 audio channels from the band's instruments to create this mind-melding live experience. In anticipation of the group's first show (May 8 at the el Rey theater in Los Angeles), they gave Motherboard a sneak peek at what people can expect.