Watch the World Change But Not Really In Wikipedia's '#Edit2015'

An open-source year in review.

Dec 16 2015, 10:00am

Image: Ibrahem Qasim/Wiki

Maybe that's part of the point of the Wikipedia Foundation's #Edit2015 montage: History is always feeding back through the present. It is always subject to edit.

The video is a collaboration between Wikipedia's resident storyteller Victor Grigas and several volunteer editors, according to Ed Erhart, an editorial associate at the Foundation, in a blog post. The point is simply to offer a year in review "through the lens of history's largest crowd-sourced movement."

Mixed into all of the Pluto and Syria and Freddie Gray are images from World War II. As Grigas explains, "the largest and deadliest human conflict that has ever happened was 70 years ago, so it was memorialized this year by China and Russia—they thought it was appropriate to remember."

The setup of the WWII images was intentional, according to Grigas, intending to recall that scene in The Fifth Element where Leeloo is researching "war" and watching a terrifying/heartbreaking montage of real-world war images: "I interpreted this scene as the main message of that film," he said, "to show what awful things we're capable of and how we need to know that they exist so we can do something about it."