When Tumbleweed Attacks

That's it, we're all gonna die.

Under any other circumstances, passing tumbleweed conjures up all the rough-n-tumbled grit of a disappearing American West. But then you have something like this, which if it isn't something straight out of some forgotten Southern Gothic novella, well, then I just give up.

This footage was shot somewhere in Midland, Texas, one-time Bush stomping ground. I can't stop watching. I am mezmerized, even though it reminds me of that one time I fell into a clump of staghorn cholla in far West Texas and was caught pulling barbs out of my hands, arms, and side for a few days afterward. I still have phantom pains. 

So, pro tip: Do not ever fall into staghorn cholla. Pro-er tip: If you're going to get caught in a freak tumbleweed stampede, just pretend Set, great god of storm, desert and chaos, is pelting you with Cocoa Puffs. 

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