What 17 Million Pounds of Seized Ganja Looks Like

Hint: Rolled up as a J, taller than the Washington Monument.

So the Feds clocked in at 113,664 weed busts--that's about 17 million pounds of cannabis--along the US-Mexico border between January 2005 and October 2011. While it's wholly (/sadly) unsurprising to hear that seizing Mexican brick weed apparently still dominates Customs and Border Protection's day-to-day operations, that's still a fairly staggering amount of bud to wrap your head around. Really? Seventeen million pounds?

Well, not any more. Here's what all that seized bud would look like stacked up against various landmarks--as a massive brick inside some West Coast ball park, or outside the Sydney Opera House, or on the moon (but only 2.8 million pounds--thanks gravity, you jerk), or as a towering 583-foot-tall joint, dwarfing both the Statue of Liberty and the Washington Monument. My favorite: If you twisted up all that product you've have 16.3 billion joints on your hands--that's enough to erect an 11-foot fence along all 2,000 miles of, you guessed, the US-Mexico border. It's pretty hilarious until you remember the untold tens of thousands of folks brutally murdered by cartel thugs who laugh all the way to the bank after catapulting shitty weed over the same border.  

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