Watch (Almost) Every Rocket Launch of 2015

Few things are as satisfying as watching the combustion of millions of pounds of rocket fuel over and over and over and over and over and over.

2015 was a great year for space: we saw the first orbital rocket to get launched and then land again, NASA astronaut Scott Kelly embarked for his groundbreaking year in space, and Pluto provided us with enough porn to last a lifetime. Yet none of this would have been possible without rockets—lots and lots of rockets.

In total, 87 rockets were launched in 2015. SpaceX kicked off the year with the launch of a Falcon 9 rocket on January 10 and China rounded out the year with the launch of one if its Long March rockets on December 28. Rockets were launched from nine different countries although Russia saw the most rocket launches at 29, followed by the United States (20) and China (19). The award for the fewest rocket launches of space capable countries goes to Iran, which launched a single Safir rocket on February 2.

Although this wasn't a record breaking year in terms of number of rockets launched (that award goes to 1994, which saw 93 orbital launches), watching nearly all of the rockets launched last year (4 Chinese launches are not included) in succession is a fitting tribute to one of the most monumental years in space history.

The video is only half an hour long, but thanks to the advent of reusable orbital rockets this year, similar compilation videos of the future are apt to be much, much longer.