Jerome LOL on Remixing the Internet and the Ageless Beauty of Web 1.0

He's been hailed as the leader of the new wave of seapunk.

Mar 22 2013, 4:53pm

I first met up with Jerome at his manager's house in the true-to-life ridiculous neighborhood of Beverly Hills. Late and frazzled from LA's lovely freeways, I rushed in to introduce myself and start the interview. Thankfully, Jerome is easy and laid-back, and he dove right in to explain how the web is being relentlessly, and endlessly, remixed.

You might want to play off Jerome LOL, née Jerome Potter, as a 21st century club kid with a penchant for Tumblr, but that would be too simple. He's been hailed as the leader of the new wave of seapunk, and when Rihanna went seapunk on Saturday Night Live, it was Jerome's work that she was accused of ripping off.

But for a guy who has been covered by some of the top music press–for his music, aesthetic, and others' use of the two–Jerome is a humble dude. When we chatted for this new episode of My Life Online, he focused more on his newly-solidified addiction to the internet and blooming love for the Web 1.0 revival than on his own success. But that's not to say Jerome isn't doing well; his Soundcloud is blowing up and, as you'll see, his AOL Instant Messenger jacket game is on point.