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NASA's New Sound Library Is as Fantastic as You'd Imagine

The raw, unbridled power of SCIENCE just blew out my earbuds.

Oct 21 2014, 4:00pm

Image: Shutterstock

Last we checked, NASA's next rocket is so big, the sound of it launching could damage buildings. Indeed, there are few things more bowel-churning than a rocket launch. 

Not convinced? Head over to NASA's new Soundcloud library, and behold the pant-shitting acoustics of a test fire for said rocket. You can't see me over here, but the raw, unbridled power of SCIENCE just blew out my earbuds. 

And yet, the true gems of NASA's audio trove are snippets of banter between crew and mission control. They range from the iconic:

To the routine:

But the crown jewel has to be "Water on the Moon," a song about precisely that. It's written by the deputy project manager of LCROSS, and if I didn't know any better it just might be my new jam. 

*gazes up at sky*