This Monkey in a Snowsuit Just Made Winter Worth It

Look! It even has a tail attachment.

Iran just announced that it successfully launched a monkey into space and back, and while that's a big accomplishment for primates everywhere, the little guy in question looked extremely bummed to be strapped into his space chair like a piece of Ikea furniture. So here's something unbelievably adorable to balance the primate karmic circle: a small primate in Russia, swaddled in a custom-made snowsuit and hopping about. Look! It even has a tail attachment.

Oddly enough, I'm going to take a wild guess and say that the two are of the same species. It's tough to tell based off of internet photos and video, but both the Iranian monkey and the Russian one appear to be macaques. I bounced the ID question off a scientist friend who thought the star of the Russian video might actually be a Japanese macaque, or snow monkey. Fitting, right? But why would a snow monkey need a coat?

I'm going to guess that the macaque in the video is a rhesus. The coloring is right (the snow monkey has a pinker face) and, as far as I can find, there aren't any macaques native to Russia, and a rhesus macaque–being widely used in research–seems like the most likely species to randomly show up in Russia in the hands of someone able to make a monkey snowsuit. Oh, and that research could include orbital spaceflight, which means the Iranian monkey is quite possibly a rhesus as well (although I'm certainly throwing the floor open to opinion). How's that for an accomplished species?

Hat tip to Chris Gayomali