This Guy Turned a 1995 PC Into a Mean Gaming Machine

The ultimate stealth computer includes a floppy disk drive that reads SD cards.

I'm not a hardware modder, but I still know a gorgeously neat job when I see one—like this souped-up gaming rig cleverly concealed inside the casing of a 1995 IBM Aptiva.

From the front and sides, the computer looks like your average, boxy '90s machine, complete with that matte off-white plastic. But a look inside tells a different story.

The setup's speakers and monitor are modern, but the keyboard is another clunky relic to match the modded hardware. The whole project took YouTuber Dr. Moddnstine about a month, and while he expresses remorse for ripping apart such a classic tech relic—that was apparently still functional—he's built the most kickass stealth machine with it. As the modder says, "I can't wait to show up to a LAN party with this thing."

But possibly the coolest aspect of the whole setup, and the modder's self-proclaimed favorite part, is that he has transformed the floppy disk drive into an SD card reader. Floppy disk card connectors and SC card connectors have the same spacing, so with a few tweaks, Dr. Moddnstine can pop in a modded floppy disc that's really a multi-gig SD card.

Check out the imgur gallery for pictures detailing the month-long process, and take a second to wish you had more productive hobbies.