The World's Sexiest Deaf Guy Upstaged Jennifer Hudson and Alicia Keys at the Super Bowl

Besides being a deaf sex symbol, Maucere is a long-time actor and advocate for equal rights for the deaf.

Who is this guy here on the field during the pre Super Bowl ceremony sharing the spotlight with Jennifer Hudson and Alicia Keys? He managed to take fairly run-of-the-mill performances of "America the Beautiful" and "The Star Spangled Banner," and translate them into liquid sex for the hearing impaired deaf. 

It turns out that tanned fellow hand dancing patriotic songs in sign language is none other than John Maucere. It stands to reason that his musical stylings are on the freaky side, since he was actually Playgirl's choice for "sexiest deaf guy" in January of 1990. 

John Maucere on a 1990 issue of Deaf Life, and in Playgirl

Besides being a deaf sex symbol, Maucere is a long-time actor and advocate for equal rights for the deaf. Last night was the first Super Bowl broadcast to include an American Sign Language rendition of the pre-game ceremony. This step forward for inclusivity in sports is the outcome of a partnership between the National Association of the Deaf and Pepsi, who will soon be releasing a behind the scenes documentary of Maucere's trip to New Orleans and performance.