Apocalypse Salad: Eating Jellyfish And Ants With Justin Warner For Science

This delicious salad could be your only hope for survival after the collapse of civilization

Justin Warner may be a Food Network Star now, but he’s been getting the attention of New York’s trendy (if capricious) tastebuds from his Bed Stuy, Brooklyn restaurant Do or Dine for over a year. The restaurant’s DIY aesthetic, which pairs the better parts of bohemian living with hip hop couture, revolves around unconventional dishes like the foie gras doughnut, banana split-pea soup and a whole arsenal of other inventive, cleverly-named options that have made Do or Dine an essential stop for foodies and the people who just like to eat without having to give a shit about cleansing their pallets and whatnot.

“We just try to amuse ourselves and anyone who comes in,” Justin told me recently over a bite to eat. “We are a polished greasy spoon, the chipped Limoges. We try to honor sacred things by tearing them apart. People say we’re Dada. I think we’re pretty original, just food pranksters.” I caught up with Justin at Do or Dine to get him to tap into the mad scientist within, which was pretty rad. The resulting Apocalypse Salad was a refreshing mess made with ingredients that we’d be able to find at any neighborhood’s post-apocalyptic hellscape.

Watch the video and then make your own Apocalypse Salad — it’s hella good. Justin kind of made it up as he went along, but here’s everything you’ll need to survive the end of the world.

1 bag jellyfish

1 clove black garlic

1 pinch fresh ginger

1/4 medium jalapeño pepper

1 rib celery

1 tablespoon vinegar

Splash olive oil

Pinch xanthan gum

Cilantro to taste

Soy sauce to taste

As many Leafcutter ants as you can stomach

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