Drones and the Dawn of the New Home Video

And just like that, a routine weekend trip to the coast with the kids is something to weep over.

Fact: I had no idea who the hell the Lumineers were prior to watching this. So, yeah.

But that's not what matters here. What matter here, setting aside the subtle oh-fuck-I'm-weeping Diving Bell and the Butterfly vibes, is that this reel, which stitches together "a bunch of different flights" around Washington State's Olympic peninsula, could well offer a glimpse at the future of family videos. (Remeber those?) 

Gone are the days of slapshod and jittery video--all charms of that bygone era, sure. Now, suddenly, traisping through stands of Sasquatch-y looking pines with the 'lil ones is something of a gauzy dreamscape of relived innocence. By the time you reach the shore? Forget about it. 

Imagine, ten years on, when the skies over Yellowstone are thick with small-fry drones shooting painfully-domesticated summer vacays.