R. Kelly Recorded a Song for Newtown Survivors

And it's actually pretty good.

The world's most misunderstood R&B singer recorded a gospel-inspired song for the survivors of one of the worst American tragedies of 2012. Would that have happened without the internet, without Newtown being such a wide-reaching story across social media and blogs, and without YouTube giving R. Kelly a platform to so easily spread a single across said blogosphere? Probably not.

That notwithstanding, it's a pretty good track. The interplay between a children's chorus saying they're crying out for help and need some answers, with an adult chorus responding "I know you're hurting / I hear you crying, but come tomorrow, there's a place you can go," is honestly more haunting than I expected before I gave the song a listen. Credit to you, Mr. Pied Piper Kells, for making a tragedy-inspired song that's actually thoughtful.

H/T to Rap-Up