These Animations Were Created with an Ultra-Precise Light-Painting Drone

Anyone got any glowsticks?

Aug 27 2015, 3:09pm

California company PRENAV made it official yesterday, and it has aired an amazing promotional video to go with its debut, showing a drone using its system to write words and draw shapes in the air with light.

PRENAV's software enables drones to fly to precise locations within a centimeter of accuracy. According to its website, "the precision comes from custom software and hardware we've created, including a robot on the ground that's equipped with a camera and laser rangefinder to guide the drone along a pre-defined path."

PRENAV's intention is to use its drones and unique navigational system to examine cell phone towers, wind turbines, and other tall structures that are dangerous for a human to climb.

The shots in the video were made by animating long-exposure photos. The drone would flash its LED at a certain set of points in the air, a picture would be taken, and then the drone would move to the next set of points. By sequencing the images, PRENAV got an awesome effect that would be at home in any warehouse party of the future.

PRENAV also announced that it has raised $1.2 million in seed funding—we'll keep an eye out for what it does next.